24/7 Care

 24-hour care two caregivers are booked daily and work 12 hours each. Sometimes 3 x 8-hour visits are preferred in order to ensure caregivers are at their maximum level of alertness. One caregiver can work a maximum of 4 x 12-hour visits per week. For the other visits, different caregivers will be booked to cover. There is no sleeping break given to a caregiver during a 12-hour visit. However, you can allow the overnight caregiver to sleep if you choose to. 24-hour care is billed at an hourly rate. The overnight visit is billed at a flat rate if it is a sleeping visit and hourly rate if it is a non-sleeping visit.

  Live-In Care 24 Hour home Care
Number of caregivers per day 1 caregiver Minimum 2 caregivers*
Hours per day a caregiver works 24 hours 8 or 12 hours per caregiver*
Sleeping break 8 hours Optional — decided by you

Flat rate per day

4-hour break coverage (Billed hourly)

Hourly rate per day

12 hours overnight (Billed hourly if caregiver remains awake; flat rate if caregiver can sleep)

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